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metal fabricator in Michigan upgraded all of the company’s electronic tools in the year 2020. It saw an increase of about 22% in revenue the following year. It’s important to offer the best service possible to make your company grow.

Well drilling firms provide another instance of a business that cannot exist without technology. These companies used to rely on their knowledge of the right place to drill for water. Today, they rely upon technology and the digital tools. It used to take many hours and effort prior to the advent of technology to locate drilling spots. In the present, the time to locate the perfect spot to drill is about one hour and has an 87 percent success rate due the use of digital tools.

The industry of precision pipe is one of the few examples of an industry that would not be able to function without digital tools. Without the digital tools, accuracy isn’t always easy. Human error is almost always an issue if you do not take out the human. In the pipe industry, digital instruments can help with what they say. The error rate is reduced to less than A 2% chance of risk thanks to these tools.

Home Improvement Sector is a significant industry that has a lot of rewards

Discussions about the transformation of business models with the help of digital tools wouldn’t be complete without discussing the important impacts these changes have brought in the field of home improvements. Some examples of digital tools that are able to transform your commercial model are custom home builders that have improved their speed in building as well as designing homes through the incorporation of technological tools in their business model.

HandR Homes, a custom builder from Maryland was through an evolution of their business model in the year 2018. It was dependent on existing designs prior to the change. Following the change it was decided that the builder would launch the in-house design services. The in-house design service offered the added advantage of doing business with the builde