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extremely interesting life experiences. They usually handle divorce cases as well as estate planning and are required to appear in the family court, among other things. What are the steps to becoming a lawyer? The first step is to complete a formal educational program. You must earn a bachelor’s degree. The subject you study does not need to be anything particular. There is a way to learn almost any subject to become a lawyer. Many undergraduates choose to major in prelaw as well as political science and history. Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree it is time to begin studying for the bar exam. The BAR examination is an exam which all lawyers in the creating must take for the purpose of becoming official lawyers.

It is mandatory to pass the BAR test only in the state where you plan to become the lawyer of your dreams. This certification will not apply to states that are not BAR members. It is recommended to figure out what field you’d like to enter into for law, as there are many different fields you can go into to help clients. For more details, check out your local law firm!