An Introduction to the Science of Water Treatment Systems – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation


The pipeline is a conduit for lant.
Water treatment systems use three main process in order to create a system that is appropriate for specific end-use.

1. Screening. The first step in the water treatment is to eliminate any dirt and other debris using coagulants. These are the chemicals that act like magnets and cause particles in water to adhere together making a form known as”flock.

2. Clarification There are two major ways to separate and remove flounder from water. One sink flocks in the tank’s bottom. Another method is to inject air into the water which causes residue particles to increase to the surface.

3. When the flock is gone the water flows through the sand and limestone gravel, and activated Carbon. Insoluble impurities are trapped within these spaces and the water flowing out will be clean.

4. Water Treatment Systems Utilize chlorine and ozone for disinfection. Supercharged oxygen bubbles are employed for cleaning and disinfecting the fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Certified water quality experts and operators carry out hundreds of water testing tests each year in order to confirm that the water meets safety and health standards. ssec1fudqd.