Awesome Custom Golf Carts You Dont Want to Miss! – Art In The News


You have probably seen numerous golf carts, whether only play a couple of rounds every year or you do not. The carts come in various colours and are simple to get from hole to the other on the green. In reality, there’s an entire society that surrounds decking out these vehicles. They will do whatever to create art, from making their engines, or even redesigning the outside. This video showcases some of the coolest and most original customized golf cart designs.

Although some of the artists are golf cart sellers, others simply do customized golf carts for fun. As you can see, there are many ways of transforming a golf cart into an exquisite luxury vehicle. Some artists are in the habit of changing their golf carts to be reminiscent of old hot rods or vintage model cars. It can be done by installing a new roofing, adding decals and paint. You can even upholster the seat with brand new fabric. It’s up to them, these artists are committed!