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Ideo provides a detailed explanation of what soy lecithin is and how it’s made.

Lecithin can be described as a food additive that is derived from many sources, one of the sources being soy. Lecithin can be extracted from various ingredients, however, soy is a common one. While making soy lecithin, only trace amounts of soy protein is removed. It is generally utilized as an emulsifier, or as a lubricant when it’s added to foodproducts, but can also be used to provide benefits as an antioxidant, and flavor protector. Lecithin is the product of Phospholipids (fat molecules) found in oil. Lecithin is obtained in the process of dissolving the gumming of crude soy oil. It is usually done in the refinery owned by the company producing commercial lecithin as opposed to the mill that produces oil. Soy lecithin has some advantages for health. It’s rich in choline, which is essential for healthy liver function. Its main purpose is to enhance the quality of the food. Soylecithin is a food ingredient that provides an extended shelf-life due to its ability to create emulsification and help stabilize food. Lastly, 90% of the soy used in America is genetically modified be sure to look for organic alternatives. People with sensitive skin may be at risk of being allergic to soy which can be affected by pesticides or insecticides.