Buying a Mobile Home in 2022 – Family Budgeting


The positioning of the mobile home is one of the things you should be looking at when it comes to having a double-wide unit.

When you’ve decided on the location you’d like to build the mobile home It is now time to choose how high you want the foundation to be. Many communities require your foundation be at least 7 feet above the level of the ground. Others allow foundations to be located at a lower level. It is always best to inquire with the local community or construction sites prior to purchasing homes.

Next up is what type of foundation you should purchase to build your mobile home. The best option would be to place the mobile home upon base of slabs. Important to keep in mind that certain communities might impose sanctions if foundations are too high. It is important to check the load of a mobile home prior to purchasing it.

A lot of mobile homes come with variable weights. It makes transporting them from their current home much easier. When you purchase the double-wide mobile home take note of potential dangers. It will allow you to identify what you should keep an eye on when it comes time to place it in your foundation.