Can You Overseed with a Hydroseeder? – Rad Center


There are many companies that provide hydroseeding and today they have work to complete that includes monitoring. Both of them are often faced with the exact same question how do they feel to oversee an hydroseeder? They answer that they’ve got an hydroseeder that contains 180 gallons of water. Next, they will add 10 pounds of seeds in addition to the. This will enable them to work on this job with the 10,000 square feet they need to be able to cover. To see what you’ve covered, put a little mulch in the hydroseeder, but not overly. This can give you a hint on where you’ve been as a result of the change in color. Be sure to know exactly where you’ve been, and creating an even coat when spraying it over the lawn is Derek’s recommendation when overseeding using a hydroseeder.

The video below shows Adam explaining the process they used to make the lawn look similar to this, and the reason they chose to use the hydroseeder. Also, you can see how they install, monitor all the lawn and see the final product. It is easy to complete the job after having begun the process.