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If your car is experiencing issues with the bumper or requires general repair, contact your mechanic.
7. Antenna Installation

The installation of antennas is an essential element of the performance of your vehicle. Unfortunately, it can be tedious and complicated, particularly when you’re not used to doing this by yourself. What you must know:


To remove the antenna from its package and to cut it into pieces You will have to employ pliers or wiring cutting equipment. If your antenna is not easily removed, a Dremel tool is required.

Cable Connections

Install zip ties in the areas where cables can be in contact with other parts of your car, for example, the door handles and dashboards. Make sure that the ends are securely connected so they won’t loosen during everyday use. Also, make sure to be grounded prior to beginning this process so that you don’t let dangerous voltages get near others, whether intentionally or accidentally.

8. Air Conditioning Replacement

AC is a major part in the efficiency of your car, and it is able to cool down the car during summer, or to heat the interior of your car in winter. There are many ways that AC can improve your car’s performance.

Another way to increase comfort when driving for long distances is to provide an additional flow of air through the vents in the dashboard. Another method is by increasing the efficiency of cooling by using highest-performing parts for cars such as electric fans and compressors that provide better circulation of air with higher pressures than normal units do (which results in less energy use).

If you find that your AC has a fault it is possible to schedule an appointment to have an AC replacement by contacting your mechanic.

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