How Do Diamonds Stay in Place in Diamond Jewelry – Daily Inbox


E-tags. However, this doesn’t prevent people from wear diamonds set with platinum, gold, or silver, however. The jewelers are skilled in creating wearable jewelry and metals that permit the stones to be utilized on a daily basis.

This video will explain the way jewelers set diamonds into their jewellery. The video shows how a jeweler puts diamonds in a custom jewelry piece designed so that it resembles the word “LOVE.”

First, he creates his jewelry’s base from metal. After that, he drills holes through the materials that are enough to hold diamonds. Because he works with precision and is precise, he doesn’t need glue to keep the diamonds in their location. Splitters, which are very thin metal strips are employed by him between the diamonds. He delicately pushes them onto the top edge of diamonds.

The diamonds are held in the jewelry with friction as well as the rims made from the splitters. When these two methods are combined, they are exceptionally safe without any type of glue that could fail over time. sfejkbtxxr.