How Do You Know if Theres a Warrant for your Arrest – Insurance Appeal Letter


f Warrants

The most basic type of warrant is a bench warrant. These are issued by a judge. The judge can issue these warrants if you fail to attend traffic arraignments. You can have it recorded in your record in the form of an FTA (Failure to Present).

If you’re currently on probation and you fail to meet an obligation imposed by law, you could receive a warrant to arrest you. For example, if you quit the county, or fail a drug test, a bench warrant may be granted.

The other type of warrant is an arrest warrant. This warrant is issued in response an officer’s statement that they believe you have committed a crime.

Information on Warrants

If you suspect you’ve got warrants for your arrest, talk to an attorney for criminal law. They will call the courthouse that they believe the warrant came fromand ask the courthouse for any active warrants against your personal. To determine if you’re a subject of warrants, the attorney may also access your county’s website.

If you believe there’s an arrest warrant issued for you, don’t hesitate. It is not a good idea to be surprised by police showing up at the location of your home or work. Find an attorney today.