How to Replace an Electrical Plug Safely – Home Efficiency Tips


nd plug has broken off or something is wrong with this part, you may repair the plug! In this video, this expert shows us just that! It’s very important that you go through this tutorial step by procedure if you want to swap out your electrical plug by one made from NEMA straight-blade cords. This will help ensure you’re doing this safely. The plugs that are replaced can be purchased on Amazon at a bargain price so that you don’t need to shell out a lot to get it changed.

It is important to only remove the outer sheathing when you have cut the cord. To expose wires it is necessary to use wire cutters. They are the ones that are transmitting electricity from one place to the next. You don’t need to cut off much, just the tips to ensure they’re accessible.

For all the details in detail, you can watch the entire video! The process only takes ten minutes. That makes it a breeze to carry out.