How to Use a Flex Hone – Car Stereo Wiring


to be smoothed out before the tools can be employed. The tool suitable for this is one called a flex hone.

Flex hone tools fit into drills or other spindly equipment for example, the lathe. Like its name implies, it’s quite flexible making it easy to use. The first step is to ensure that you have the correct size of flex tone. It must appear slightly larger in its use since it can bend and flex when it is working. To ensure that it moves effortlessly on the metal it hones, ensure that your equipment is properly lubricated before you begin using it. It can be accomplished using motor oil, mineral oil, or the proprietary flexible hone oil which you can purchase from the company that makes it.

The flex hone is easy to use. Simply spin the lathe or drill and after that, insert the flex hone inside the pipe you’d like to burr. It is not recommended to spin the Flexible hone in a hurry. For best results, rotate the flex hone at a speed of 500 to 800 revolutions per minute. Don’t rotate the flex hone at a rate faster than 1200 revolutions per minute. bqcqv6r4c8.