Selling A Home? Time To Add Artwork

You think your style is pretty great. You know when you come home you feel comfortable and safe. But one man’s yum in another’s yuk. You might find that out the hard way when potential homebuyers are turned off during an open house. How can all these people not be interested in living somewhere with rescued fully functional animatronic robots bands from that half burned down Chuck E Cheese? Turns out when staging a home, you need to create a place that feels lived in while also having a blank enough space people can imagine what their lives will look like.

We found this article that details the struggles of home staging and gives terrific advice about what kind of artwork can help sell a house. For more information read more here:

Finding The Best Coffee in Alaska

Food and Drink

We’re definitely coffee fiends up here in the Last Frontier.  Maybe it’s the weather. Alaska has no shortage of extremely cold days.  You add the long dark winter nights to the mix and it’s no wonder people up here could use a hot drink and some serious caffeine.  Here’s the good news though, the coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest seems to have migrated up to our part of the world in recent years. As much as we all enjoy firing up the Mr. Coffee on a frigid Alaska morning, nothing beats a truly well made cup of coffee.  Fortunately, we’ve been getting all kinds of high quality low fuss coffee shops in the last few years. If there’s one place that can appreciate and support a thriving coffee culture, it’s Alaska!

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