Strange Piping Parts and Their Uses – Car Talk Credits


Weldolets are used to connect pipes at 90 degrees. They are available in reduced and full sizes. The part is able to be butt-welded.
Sockolets are similar to weldolets. But the distinction is the way the socket’s end connector can be used to do socket welding. This is the reason for the name.
The thredolets can also be used to make branch connections 90 degrees as the previous using threaded joints at the ends.
The Elbolets can also be utilized to create 90-degree connections. However, they come with edges that can be used to be used for both socket and butt welding.
The simplest form of weldolets. They have an extended pipe body. They also offer similar capabilities to elbolets.
Special olets are available, and there are latrolets that are used for 45 degree or other angles, as well as coupolets that have threads and are used for low-pressure services in conjunction with sweepolets.
As with sweepolets branches are among the simplest one, which means you can be sure to find frequent in the piping. yuxz86gjcn.