Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn Between Seasons – Financial Magazine


Pre-emergents are often used for controlling herbicides. They release chemical compounds into the soil to stop the growth of weeds. However, it does not kill off all the existing weeds. Hence, it is recommended to eliminate any weeds you find manually before placing them on these regions.

These chemicals are only made available at certain points during summer and in the spring. But, based on the area you live, keep this in mind because you don’t want to apply too early, as these chemicals can wash away with the first round of rainfall. Just remember not to overuse to control weeds where you’ve seeded your newly-sown grass seed, because this can trigger the chemicals within these products to kill these and hinder these from growing to their potential.

Make use of a Weed Eater/Trimmer Make Your Lawn Edges Look nice and clean

A weedeater (also known as a string cutter) is recommended for adding border to flowerbeds or when you are make a border around your lawn. The simple steps will help maintain your lawn.

Weed eaters are pretty self-explanatory because they permit you to remove any undesirable plant growth that appears in your borders or specific sections of your garden. It is not recommended to line the weeds in these areas as they can be cut or nicked. If you are using a weed killer you should aim it at the weeds that appear in the highest amount and is close to your lawn’s borders.

It is best to use this tool to cut around the edges of your lawn as it can make your lawn look more tidy than having emerging weeds growing along these sections afterward. It makes it easy to mow near the sidewalk if you do not want to cut any part of your lawn, especially when pruning flowerbeds.

Use water sparingly

You must ensure that you water the grass in a way that it’s moist and standing But not soggy. zl5ljiia36.