Using Foam as a Material for House Construction – NC Pool Supply


This clip from FOX 10 in Arizona discusses the way a home made of foam is designed and built, and why it may prove to be an effective choice.

It could be that the foam houses aren’t the same as they seem. But, the study indicates that these homes are able to withstand winds as strong as 200 miles per hour. They aren’t just strong, they’re also extremely efficient. They can be two times more in energy efficiency than other forms of buildings. A thin concrete layer is put on top of the foam base. As the house is constructed nobody can discern that the walls and the remainder of the construction that makes up the structure are constructed of made of foam.

Foam homes are cheaper to build. Foam home builders didn’t experience interruptions during the last few months of shortages in the supply caused by the epidemic. The constant rise in cost of wood has homeowners looking for alternatives that are cheaper as well as eco-friendly for building houses with. Foam could be an ideal solution that is both affordable and less harmful to the environment. Check out the video.