What Are Some Helpful Roofing Terms Everyone Should Know – AT HOME INSPECTIONS


It is usually stated as square feet. So, if you have a 10 by 10 room, it would be 100 square feet.

Decking involves placing felt papers on the surface beneath the shingles usually on top of the sheathing. Decking permits water to flow through the shingles, rather than collecting under them.

The building’s eaves relate to the wall’s area which rainwater flows down from. This is called the cornice in America.

Ice and Water Shield
Water shield or ice is an underlayment used in flat membranes with a single ply or built-up systems that need a waterproof layer between them to avoid moisture and leak harm to.

Ridge Vent
A ridge vent is an air-flow device that is installed at the ridgeline on a sloping roof to dissipate water from undersides of an exterior roof which is the outside air.

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