What Are the Best Pizza Topping Combinations? – Articles About Food


Try new toppings to discover your new favourite pizza recipes. Continue reading for the top pizza topping combinations.

The first pizza topping combination to test is somewhat controversial but extremely popular the combination of pineapple and ham. It doesn’t matter if this isn’t your favourite or you’re not a fan, you should give it another go.

Another pizza topping combo to explore is the black olives and mushrooms. If the meatiness of a mushroom pairs with the brininess in the black olive it creates a swirl of flavours within your mouth. There is a chance that olives aren’t your thing in person, but once you have them on a pizza you may change the way you think about them.

Bacon with everything is the third combination that you must try as pizza toppings. you could try bacon and sausage, bacon and pepperoni, bacon and chicken, bacon , and veggies, or even bacon and onions. The spice and saltiness take the pizza you’ve had with bacon to a new dimension.

To learn more pizza topping combinations to try take a look at the video to the right!