What does Integrative Medicine Do Exactly? – Healthy Huntington


M is usually linked to alternative medical practices and ways of curing, or becoming healthier. In addition, it is often related to “holistic health,” or other non-Western methods of medical care. This mostly entails replacing solely medical care that is based on prescriptions with methods that include more natural supplements as well as a renewed attention to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The video shines light on the top ways of holistic medicine and how people use them to manage pain every day.

Yoga, Taichi and Acupuncture are some of the most common methods for alleviating pain that are integrated with integrative medical. Many people have found that mind-body therapies are more effective than taking pills for pain or hoping for it to work. This latest push to stop taking medication to treat the pain and aches that plague us can open a new revolution for holistic physicians, and could be a great way to create loving communities of people helping others through the challenges of everyday life.