What You Must Know About Drug Testing – Madison County Library


It is usually a sign that your urine sample contains enough water to offer a certain result. The National Drug Screening’s Video “What is the Negative Dilute Test Findings?”. The content of creatinine in your urine is used to check if it has a solution. If the sample of your urine has zero creatinine, it cannot be recognized as being it is urine. The concentration of creatinine found in the majority of urine samples ranges between 20 and 350 milligrams/deciliter. The sample with lower than 20 mg/liter creatinine is said to be dilute.

Each person has different levels of creatinine. Some people could attempt to cheat the drug test by drinking huge quantities of water in an effort to “flush out” these drugs from their system. There are those who attempt to cheat the test by using water as a component in the urine samples.

A positive test result means an individual being tested may be using substance abuse. If a test result comes back as negative dilute, it means that the sample was not sufficient in water in the sample to be able to tell if there was evidence of drug in the specimen.

To stop employees from drinking in excess amounts of drinking water prior to testing for drugs, it is important that they understand that it can lead to any negative results. If it does it is necessary to run the test over again. yqbynnfjlq.