Whats the Best Seafood Chain Restaurant? – Healthy Family Recipes


in America, then chances are you’ve experienced your fair share of chain restaurants. Fast food is an incredibly popular industry that is able to cater to all food category, and even seafood. Seafood chains have been around for a while, touting fresh and flavorful recipes on many TV commercials. But, is the chain restaurant seafood really that great? The term “chain restaurant” usually implies inadequate preparation or poor quality which is why everyone’s slightly unsure about choosing the “best” seafood restaurants. In this video, hosts go through 16 chains that specialize in seafood and share their views.

This commentator has roasted long John Silvers as the restaurant that was the initial. The caloric intake of even one shrimp dish from the LJS’s restaurant is insane, and it’s a poor taste. Arthur Treachers and Bubba Gump are a bit more appealing. There’s no substantial portion, however they’re still excellent. Joe’s Crab Shack serves great crab, however, everything else isn’t worth recommending. Ocean Prime is more focused in the meats, not the fish and Red Lobster’s fish isn’t as fresh as Truluck as well as Bonefish Grill.