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This video will teach you how to test your fuel injectors.

If you believe your fuel pump may not be operating, there’s a quick and quick way to determine the condition. Signs your engine may have an inefficient fuel injector those that see the engine frequently stall, bad fuel economy, the occurrence of hesitation and engine rattle.

There are many other reasons why your car may be suffering from engine trouble, however, so you need to test the car to determine what the problem is. Locate your fuel injector first. They are usually on the side of the engine. It is possible to find several.

Grab a long screwdriver, and place it on the back of your fuel injector. This can be used to create an stethoscope for doctors. Put year ear to the handle and listen for a constant clicking noise as the engine starts.

If you hear a click then your fuel pump is firing. If you hear clicking. Use the hyperlink above for more information.