Do You Need Tooth Repair? – Dental Magazine


Are there ways to fix the problem? The video below will help you understand the best way to repair the chipped tooth. This video will guide you through how a dental professional will fix a chipped tooth.

A damaged tooth can cause feelings of self-doubt and even lead to a loss of smile. There are a variety of reasons why tooth chips can occur. Some of the most common are car accidents or popcorn kernels chewing on ice. A few people do not be aware that they have chipped their tooth until they look in the mirror. It’s because certain chips are more severe in comparison to other chips. If you chip only the enamel, chances are you’ll not even notice it. For bigger chips, it will hit the dentin underlayer. It’s not pleasant to discover the tooth is chipped. The dentist will be able to help fix it. Repairing the chipped or damaged tooth by using four methods. Dental professionals can smooth the edges of small chips to restore their form. If the chip is larger dentists use composite bonding and polish it down.

If you’ve damaged your tooth and would like to know how to restore it take a look at the complete video for more insight on the various methods used by dentists to repair tooth. Get back to your smile and confidence!