Fun and Unusual Mom and Child Activities to Try – Family Game Night


7. Learn to Skateboard Together

You don’t have to be old to learn how to use a bicycle, or a skateboard. The sport of skateboarding is proven to have great effects on your overall physical strength, stamina and endurance and may even help you build cardio stregnth.

If your child already knows what it takes to be a skateboarder, then why not ask them to teach you some new tricks? In addition, skateboarding or longboarding together can be the perfect way to get to know the city or town you live in.

Make sure you have proper protection gear like knee pads and elbows, helmets, and gloves before you begin learning how skateboard. You can practice at a park until you’re confident enough to take the street!

8. Volunteer with the Homeless

The importance in giving back to others is one of the most important lessons that you can teach your kids. The children can help others by donating their own time and even items of their own.

If your child is outgrowing clothesor toys they’re willing donate, take the time to explain to them the ways these things can benefit other homeless children.

Take your child out shopping, with them and let them select the things they’ll donate to shelters. It is possible to donate hygiene kits or canned food items, comforters or even gift baskets to your child to local shelters.

It’s a great time to spend time with your child while also contributing to your community.

9. Do More Community Service

There’s plenty of community service opportunities at any given time the only thing you need to do is search in your area! Consider taking a trip to the beach to do a beach cleanup, or even a lake clean-up.

You can even volunteer with your child at the local library as well as a local non-profit, or even an animal rescue shelter. Whatever y pgd3psfktp.