How Experts Repair Wrecked Cars – Car Dealer A


Are structural damages that require an uplift to see the severity of the damage. It is accomplished by transporting your car to an auto body repair shop. Then, the shop will look over any parts that have been badly damaged.

After it is detected, the team will review the process and plan ways to address the issue. They will most likely utilize three tools that are commonly used for auto body repair such as the bond-ups and flatliners. For repairs it, they may also utilize other basic tools such as screws, grinders and wrenches as well as others. In the case of structural damages that are severe frame machines are commonly used.

2. Flatliner

A majority of auto repair shops make use of the flat liner when dealing with moderate to small dent. First, you need to find the dent. The use of a special light put in place to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed and to ensure that each element of the vehicle that is damaged is fixed properly. The flat liner will typically be put on the car through auto-body shops. This allows for the contour of the dent to expand until it’s flat.