How India Mitigates Landslides and Rockfall – Online College Magazine


Ens as natural events like landslides, floods or other natural disasters may occur at any time. Let’s find out what happens when India overcomes its landslide problem and how it can set an example for the other nations.

They are the swift movement of rocks dirt, rocks, and other natural components that are moved because of gravity and other external forces. The landslide can happen in regions where there is a rock-like terrain that is close to mountains. Natural events like earthquakes may also cause them. India is more prone to landslides than other nation due to the fact that it is near the Himalayan tectonic movement and there are many Indian people who reside in areas that could be in danger from them. Yet, India today has many procedures to combat landslides for instance, the National Landslide Risk Management Strategy as well as the NIDM (National Institute of Disaster Management).

Due to the rapid and efficient actions taken by the Indian government and authorities They have the tools of action to combat landslides and other natural events. Thanks to these rockfall prevention services the people are able to rest easy knowing that landslides are something that happened in the past.