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The video is focused on lanyards to hold your ID card. The company is called Ceiba Tree. Each set of lanyards will be different. The lady is looking at three sets. The colors are extremely vibrant as are the colors unique. There are two different ID holders. The pouch also includes an additional pocket. Six clear pockets are provided for your identification. It’s durable and sturdy. Hooks open. Keys could be held by the hook. A light key might have the ability to be attached to another prong. You may want to keep it separate. At the top, there is a tiny snap. it comes off. It is a nice quality. For those who have to quickly remove it the lanyards can be detachable. found in other packages. There are plenty of great features. It’s possible to gain a lot. If you’re looking to learn more, watch this video to get more details. 36rk17y5pm.