Why You Should Get a Jewelry Appraisal – Andre Blog


An appraisal can give you an exact estimate of worth of your jewelry. It can also aid you in making a decision on whether you should sell the jewelry or how to keep the piece if you want to keep it. The appraisal can also be utilized to get insurance on expensive items. Appraisers follow a set of steps when performing their work. They first clean the jewellery to ensure they can get a perfect perspective of the fine parts that affect its value. Then, they conduct careful inspection of the piece to determine if it has any damages. Then, they will examine the item in the event of any flaws, such as missing stones or marks. It also involves an examination of the stone’s authenticity. An appraiser will establish what the stones’ origins are or made. The appraiser is then able to measure the jewellery. It is generally weighed. Diamonds are graded based on color cut, carat, and clarity. Other stones are measured similarly however, with processes that are specific to the stones. When you’ve had an appraisal done it will be clear what you can do take care of your jewellery. tfejiyhi9a.