Use This List of First Year Law Student Summer Internships to Get Ahead on Your Applications – Juris Master


We are looking for candidates that have an interest in the entertainment business and active involvement in promoting different perspectives within the legal profession. Interested candidates should present:
One-page letter explaining the reasons why an intern is a great candidate and showing your interest in the world of entertainment.

One page of written documentation that outlines their commitment to diversity and inclusion in the profession of law.

Recent resume

A transcript of official status (the applicant’s GPA will not be taken into consideration during the review)

Alongside the incredible advantages that working for DIRECTV offers, you’ll be earning $47.50/hour.

2. Center For Family Representation Summer 2023 Legal Internships

CFR is offering first-year law school students internships during summer 2023. CFR is planning to invite law students to their Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan, Queens for Summer 2023. It will be possible to work with CFR lawyers and social professionals in each of the practice areas.

In addition to taking part in a thorough program and receiving individual supervision and mentorship, you’ll benefit from direct, hands-on experience with negotiation and the management of cases, crisis intervention, client counseling and advocacy. If you’re a part of the chosen practice, you’ll have the ability to conduct research projects and write assignments. In accordance with student instructions for practice, you could be called to testify in front of any court. This is the area of practice:

Family Defense: CFR offers representation in the family court of parents involved when they are facing abuse or neglect cases. These lawyers provide excellent legal representation and help achieve the goals of preventing children from going into foster care or decreasing the time that children spend in foster care without parental permission. xrv4yt7kgm.